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Looking through my archives..its so colorful and prettyy!

I have been really inactive lately and its because I’m losing interest of reblogging and its not as fun as it used to be. However I always go through this phase and I usually come right out of it after a couple of days or a week. But I think it might take me longer this time around because school is starting on monday and I’m trying really hard to find a job at the moment. The economy sucks really bad where I live and I applied to over 20 locations and I only gotten 2 interviews (and i didn’t even get those jobs). So I’ve been really depress lately since I can’t find any work. Which leads me to spend most of my time searching the internet and applying to more jobs. I’ll try to be on tumblr more and I will have my periods where I reblog like crazy, but it won’t be how it used to be. Sorry :(

I miss you guys though!

My friend dyed my hair for me today and this is the results…

I’m the one with the red hair. One was taken outside (left) and the other was taken indoors (right). Yes I know my friend is beautiful. :) 

How it feels to be beautiful. So beautiful that where ever you go, people turn and stare at you. Where guys worship at your feet and girls want to be you. Never having to worry about looking in the mirror and wanting to change something about yourself. Putting on a fake smile is no longer an option because your sense of security is good enough that you feel beautiful inside and out. I hope that one day I could feel that way about myself. But until then, I just hope that my own beauty is good enough for people around me. 

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I’m going to edit my theme because I’m bored of it. While i’m gone click the link below and like the posts if you want me to check out your blog :)

Does anyone have a lip piercing?

Could you please tell me if it hurts or not? I really want to get my lip pierced but I’m so scared of needles. My boyfriend says that getting his ears pierced hurt way more than getting his lip pierced. I don’t know if he is lying to make me feel better.

I’m such a fatass. I reblog soo many food.

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So I was going to ask this girl whether she could check out my blog. But of course I checked out her FAQ first to see if she checks out blogs. I couldn’t help but laugh at what she was saying. First she gave reasons why she unfollows people, reasons being for being rude, annoying, and posting too many of the same things. Ironically her FAQ seems really bitchy, rude and annoying, all the characteristics that she seems to hate. 

Word of advice: how about you look at how you portray yourself first. Just saying.

It’s 2 am and I’m watching Cinderella :)

I love Disney movies 

Making a theme for my friend <3

Soo the other day, I was in the bay with my boyfriend and friends. And guess what I found sitting at a table? A Nikon D40x SLR camera :) We tried to find the owner, but no luck. I was so happyyy, maybe now I can take some nice pictures.